Andrew Lent | Macintosh Business Consultant

(440) 376-0678

“Andrew has worked with us for several years now and I would recommend him very highly for any Mac work flow, large or small. He is bright and very hard working, personable and trustworthy. He has helped us with existing equipment, including more than two dozen Macs, a half dozen cameras, and supporting software. We rely on Andrew for recommendations on up grades in both software and hardware. In short, Andrew is solely responsible for maintaining the IT operations of our entire business, and he does an excellent job of it. I can't imagine doing anything IT without him.”

- Robert Pabst, owner Kalman & Pabst Photo Group

"Andrew Lent has been consulting with our organization for a number of years. We are an all Macintosh office. Recently, my Apple Mail program became corrupted and unusable. After a day of talking on the phone with technical support I was faced with the unpleasant option of erasing my hard drive and reinstalling the system software and applications. I called Andrew in to look at the problem. After a short visit, Andrew was able to pinpoint the problem to an error with the Address Book database. He restored the data from a backup and in no time my Mail program was back up and running. Andrew's ability to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem saved me a considerable amount of time and expense."

- Scott Sanders, Executive Director Earth Day Coalition

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